About Us

Redman Homes in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, has been providing high quality, high value manufactured homes since 1937.

Building the American Dream for You and Your Family

At Redman Homes we build high quality but affordable homes for people who want a spacious, comfortable home with appealing design both inside and out. We strive for quality in every home we build. In fact, we believe so strongly in Redman quality and design that many of us live with our families in the very homes that we build.

Redman Homes, Ephrata, Pennsylvania, manufactured an mobile homes

Design your Redman Home

Redman homes are flexible, which allows homebuyers to have a hand in designing their dream home. We offer a wide selection of decor choices that perfectly match your need for space and comfort. Customize your home your with options like designer kitchens, luxurious master baths, built-in entertainment centers, fireplaces, custom cabinetry and more.

Value and Choice

Redman Homes is committed to building quality homes that you can truly feel proud to call your own, while combining everything you would want in a home with surprising affordability.

Our homes are constructed in a quality-controlled environment and sold through a network of Redman Homes retailers in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and more in the northeastern United States.